New Tactics Modern Construction Companies Are Using to Attract the Best Truckers

Reliable transport service is key to ensuring that construction work remains on course. Truckers that work for construction companies play a pivotal role by ensuring that building materials and supplies are delivered at the job site when required and in good time. But with the demand for competent and experienced truck drivers reaching a record high, it may be quite difficult for new construction fleet managers to attract the best candidates. Read More 

Various Types of Glass Splashbacks Are Available

Although splashbacks were conventionally used in the kitchen, they have steadily started to be incorporated into various rooms of the house. You can now find splashbacks in bathrooms, laundry rooms and anywhere else that you would like to protect your walls from moisture damage while adding visual interest to the room. One of the popular materials used to create splashbacks is glass because it is one of the low maintenance options and comes in an assortment of styles to suit the d├ęcor of your residence. Read More 

Top Benefits of Horizontal Directional Drilling for Your Underground Pipework Installations

Drilling boreholes or installing water supplies in your home and even commercial premises usually involves installing underground pipework to ensure the water you need is efficiently delivered from its source. Horizontal directional drilling involves installing the pipework without trenching. This trenchless form of drilling is superior than the traditional method of drilling. Here are some of the ways that make it a more efficient drilling method to use. Time Savings Read More 

5 Safety Tips to Remember When Buying and Using Mine Explosives

If you're buying mine explosives from an explosives supplier, you need to keep safety in mind. Ideally, you should have your own safety measures in place, but you also want to choose a supplier committed to safety. Here are some tips to consider. 1. Consult With the Supplier or an Explosives Expert Before choosing your explosives, you need to make sure that they work for the land in your area. In some cases, you may be fine with a simple combination of ammonia nitrate and fuel oil or even old fashioned dynamite, but in other cases, you may need a special bulk emulsion made with your challenges in mind. Read More 

Warehouse Building: The Pros of Constructing With Concrete Blocks

Being in the processing or manufacturing industry means you will most likely require a warehouse. Although hiring one may seem cost effective for the short term, it would be more economical to construct your own. One of the supplies that would be ideal for your construction would be concrete blocks. Also referred to as CMUs (concrete masonry units), these blocks are a product of precast concrete and offer you numerous benefits. Read More