The Best Air Conditioning for You

Finding the best air conditioning system for you is very important because you want a system that will serve you efficiently.


A split system air conditioning installation is a smart move for the following reasons:

  1. It is easier to install than other common systems. There is no ductwork required and it takes a shorter time to install due to the simplicity of its components.
  2. Most split systems air conditioning systems are very efficient in utilizing energy. This leads to reduced power bills.
  3. You are able to install it for specific rooms you want to be cooled in your building.
  4. They come with cleanable filters.
  5. They require less general maintenance.
  6. The compressor is located outside the room and you can suffer less distraction as you do your tasks or relax.
  7. Split system air conditioners provide an evener air and temperature distribution to the area being cooled.
  8. You can change the settings of your air conditioning to fit your precise needs. This includes varying the levels of cooling  or heating for different rooms.
  9. They come with remote controls for easier use, and different designs and colors for interior units to fit with your décor.
  10. The interior unit can be mounted on the wall floor or ceiling which allows you to choose what is easier on the eye for you.

Installation Process

The process of getting a split system air conditioning is very simple; the first step is finding out the estimated budget within which you will operate and finding a licensed dealer to give you the cost estimates.

There are various installation packages with different cooling and heating capabilities as well as varying lengths of piping, wiring and pipe capping. In many cases, these are determined by the distance from the condenser to the interior unit(s).

The dealer will offer installation services or link you with certified technicians who will do the installation. The technicians will assess the size and areas that need the air conditioning installed and provide you with a quote, which you will review and approve or negotiate and adjust.

A state of the art split system air conditioning will offer additional perks like auto diagnosis, various modes, and different fan speeds to achieve the optimal experience. While the upfront installation of split systems is a bit high, the long term running costs are so low that it makes perfect economic sense to acquire one given the additional advantages.