Common Types of Industrial Adhesives

Various types of industrial adhesives exist in the market and are used in most construction industries. All adhesives for this case have common characteristics. The major factor that connects them is that they are developed and designed to cut down on costs and time required to use them.

Development of efficient and effective industrial adhesives by companies requires a good amount of money, making it a win-win case for both manufacturers and users. All adhesives undergo a curing process that involves hardening of the product with methods such as chemical and ultraviolet light. Therefore, classification of these adhesives can be based on their properties, composition and the cure mechanism of each adhesive.

Check out the common types of industrial adhesives you will encounter in the current market.

Contact Spray

Contact spray is an industrial process that allows bonding of various items both temporarily and permanently. These types of adhesives are transparent and waterproof and usually play well on porous and uneven surfaces. They are extremely flexible and do not stain. Contact sprays do not have components of chlorinated ingredients, making them environmentally friendly.

Hot Melt Adhesives

This classification of adhesives is based on its adhesion properties. Hot melt adhesives are repeatedly melted and softened intensively by heat then hardened or set by a cooling process. They allow some parts to be removed or re-positioned during the process of assembly. Other types of adhesives under this classification include UV curing adhesives, thermoset adhesives and pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA).  


Resins are types of polymers that are made of synthetic origin. They can either be thermostatic or thermosetting types of adhesives. This means that they can be remoulded at very high temperatures or after the curing process is complete.

Anaerobic Adhesives

This is a type of industrial adhesive that can easily set without the use of air or oxygen. They are effective when you need to create tight seals without using oxygen, heat or any form of light. Anaerobic adhesives can be used to bond many types of materials such as masonry, wood, paper, ceramic, glass and elastomers.

Epoxy Adhesives

This type of adhesive is widely used in aircraft and automobile industries. They cure at a faster rate and bond concrete surfaces well. Apart from the mentioned industries, they are also used in manufacturing of plywood which is an essential material in the construction industry.

Other types of adhesives are conductive, pressure, and acrylic adhesives.