4 Types of Bedroom Closet Doors to Consider

If you are currently remodeling your bedroom, you might be interested in updating your closet by changing the doors. The following options are ideal for a closet with a wider width instead of a walk-in closet with more depth, though you can definitely use them for any type of bedroom closet.

Bi-Fold Closet Doors

This is a great option when you want more of a traditional look to your closet, but you don't have a lot of space in front of the doors. Many closets have doors that swing out, but the problem here is that if you have a small bedroom, it is often difficult to arrange furniture and still get into your closet by swinging the doors open. A better option is to get bi-fold doors, which bend in the middle of the door so that you slide them open and closed, and they don't open out into your room quite as much.

Sliding Barnyard Doors

The barnyard door look is becoming very popular, with people using them for everything from their bedroom door to the closet. Barnyard doors can have a natural, rustic look if that is what you are going for, or you can paint them any color to match the current décor of your bedroom. They are installed on a bar above your closet so that they don't swing out, but slide instead. This is another good option if you have limited space in your bedroom, or simply like the function of a sliding door.

Mirrored Closet Doors

This is great because you can put full-length mirrors in your room without taking up any extra space. There are mirrored doors in both sliding and swing-out doors, or you can install a mirror onto your current closet doors. Either way, you have convenience and the mirrors make your room look a little bigger.

Painted Classic Closet Doors

If you don't mind closet doors that swing open, but want to add something unique to them, why not paint them a different color? Many people have closet doors painted a simple white, but if you go bold with another color, it can become a statement in your room. Depending on your preferences and décor style, you can do anything from a pale gray or blue, to a bold pink or purple. You can also paint your door with colored chalkboard paint and use it as a fun way to write notes and doodle in your room.