Could It Be the Right Time to Invest in Professional Asbestos Removal? 3 Clear Signs You Shouldn’t Dismiss

The presence of asbestos in your home is one of the most challenging things to deal with as a homeowner. Sadly, most of the homes constructed before the eighties and nineties have this substance inside the structure. Asbestos was once popular for its strength, durability and water resistance. However, scientists later discovered that when asbestos disintegrates and humans inhale the tiny fibres, they develop various health complications like mesothelioma and other respiratory health complications. Read More 

Mining Engineering: Four Central Tips for Minimising Equipment Wear

The accelerated wear of your mining equipment can cause significant delays in your operations due to the need for regular repairs. Moreover, the cost of restoring the machinery can be quite high, increasing the total project costs. If you would like to avoid inconvenience and minimise your expenses, you must be diligent in the upkeep of the equipment. Here are crucial tips for preventing the fast wear of your mining machinery. Read More 

Is Subdivision A Good Investment Strategy?

Land subdivision is seen as a creative investment strategy as it allows you to create new allotments which you can sell, rent or build on. Once you subdivide your land, you can utilise its development potential by allocating a portion to your family and developing or selling the rest. However, before you subdivide the land, you might want to consider the following. Deed restrictions Before you buy land, be sure to check if the original owner put in place any deed restrictions. Read More 

Land Surveying Tips: How to Plan for New Residential Construction

There are numerous issues that you should address when planning for new residential construction. Poor consideration of all potential challenges can lead to complications in the future. One of the often overlooked aspects of construction planning is the need for land surveying. Land surveying is the process of evaluating the lot on which you intend to build a house and understanding its properties. The information obtained from the assessment will guide the design and building process. Read More 

Residential Remodelling: Three Fundamental Tips for Effective Land Surveying

If you are planning on conducting extensive remodelling on your residential property, you should consider commissioning land survey first. This process is of particular importance if you intend to add an extension to your house or build another structure close to the fence. Commencing the construction without a survey could lead to encroachment on the neighbouring properties. Consequently, legal complications might arise. Here are simple tips to keep in mind for effective land survey. Read More