Tips for Working With a Land Surveyor When You’re a Property Developer

If you are a property developer, you will probably need to work with a land surveyor on more than one occasion. You might have even already done so at some point or another. These tips can help you with working with a land surveyor when you're a property developer.

Understand How a Land Surveyor Will Be Helpful For You

First of all, you have to understand why you would want to establish a working relationship with a land surveyor. A land surveyor can help property developers like you in a variety of different ways. Purchasing big plots of land and then dividing them into separate properties can be a great way to make a profit off of land, but you'll need a land surveyor to help you with doing so. If you're going to be making big changes to individual properties that you have purchased so that you can resell them for a higher price, you'll probably need to know about things like property lines. This is another thing that a land surveyor can help you with.

Find a Good Land Surveyor to Work With

As a property developer who will be working with a land surveyor on a regular basis, it's not a bad idea to go ahead and find one or two good land surveyors who you can work with each time that you have a project. Then, you won't have to find someone each time that you need to have a land survey done. You should look for a land surveyor who is licensed and insured, who has the equipment and qualifications to do all sorts of different types of land surveys, and who does good work.

Let Them Know About Projects in Advance

You might sometimes find yourself working on last-minute projects, but there's a good chance that you will know about many of your projects well in advance. Land surveyors are often quite busy. Plus, they often prefer or need to do their work when the weather is cooperative, and they might have to spend quite a bit of time on your land surveying project, depending on the details. Therefore, if you can give them some advance notice when you know you're going to need to have a land survey done, they will probably appreciate it.

Listen to Their Recommendations

Lastly, you should ask your land surveyor for recommendations about the type of land survey that you should have done. If you let them know about the property development project you're working on, they can provide a recommendation about the type of land survey that will be best for your project.