Lightweight Framed Construction: Sound Attenuation Strategies Used to Make Building Comfortable for Occupants

Lightweight framed construction is one of the fastest ways of building a sustainable home. Unlike the traditional method of using bricks or concrete blocks, lightweight framed construction relies extensively on timber. This adds to the aesthetic appeal and environmental performance of your home. However, you might be concerned about the noise levels in the house since timber has a poor sound attenuation level when compared to other materials like concrete. Thankfully, engineers can select various noise insulation techniques to ensure that your timber-framed house has the right level of noise insulation. Read More 

Why You Should Build With Floor Trusses

Floors are the one part of a building people remain in contact with at all times. It is, therefore, essential for new building owners to give a lot of attention to the construction of their floors. One of the construction products that can be used for installing floors is floor trusses. These floor-construction products have become a favoured choice for new homeowners across Australia because of the many benefits they can provide. Read More 

How to Prevent Well Water Contamination

If the water beneath the ground is sustainable, commercial water boring is a viable option for businesses that need to use several thousand gallons of water every year. But water contamination is always an issue when it comes to using well water, and it is up to well users to ensure they take steps to minimise the contamination. If you intend to drill a private well on your commercial property any time soon, read on to learn what you can do to protect the water in your well from being contaminated and unusable. Read More 

Why Use Plywood for Your DIY Home Upgrading?

One of the timber supplies that many DIY enthusiasts love to use for their home improvement projects is plywood. Plywood is a type of engineered board that is made from layers of wood veneer glued together to form a flat sheet. Versatility If you are looking for a versatile building material that can be used in everything from outdoor furniture construction to interior wall panelling, plywood would be a perfect choice for your project. Read More 

Window Tinting | 3 Clever Tactics When Introducing Your Windows To Professionally Installed Tint Films

Window tinting is a smart option when you're looking to reduce the levels of sunlight that enter your home. This is especially true if you have east or west facing windows and don't want to deal with the morning or afternoon sun's UV rays. Window tinting is also a great way to enhance your privacy without costing you a fortune. Tint films start from approximately $40 per square metre. Here are some clever tactics when introducing your windows to professionally installed tint films. Read More