Three Projects That May Require the Services of a Land Surveyor

When you do things with your property, such as adding an extension or selling it, you often need a range of experts. One of these is a land surveyor. Here are three situations where you may need their assistance.

Selling a Property

If you're selling your property, you can hire a land surveyor who can determine where the precise boundary lies. They will refer to historical and legal documents to research the correct border. And they'll also be on the field, physically mapping out the dimensions.

It may not be necessary to have a survey done when selling, but it will assure you of the correct dimensions of the property. You could discover that the back fence should be farther out, making the yard bigger, as it was built on the incorrect line many years ago. Buyers will be reassured that a land survey has been carried out, and it could help you sell the property sooner.

Building an Extension

Another reason to hire a land surveyor is if you're adding an extension. The local council will usually have regulations specifying how close you can build to the fence line. A land surveyor can verify the regulations and measure the land. They can stake out the outline of the extension as well.

A survey also maps the topographical features of the terrain. The surveyor may arrange for soil analysis by an expert. This combined information is relied on by the architects and builders to plan and design the extension. They will be made aware of the slope of the land and devise the structure accordingly. Additionally, engineers need to know the soil type and characteristics so they can design and build appropriate foundations. Other building projects that may require a land survey are a swimming pool and a retaining wall.

Land surveyors can also map out any utilities on your land. These can include cables that run underground or an electrical pole. The council or utility company that owns such assets will have a right to access and maintain them, even if they sit on your property. The land surveyor can ensure that these things are not obstructed or built over and that the necessary approvals are obtained for building around them.

Constructing a Backyard Fence

Another situation in which you may need a survey carried out is when rebuilding the fence around the backyard. While you may not necessarily need to do this, a survey will provide legal certainty about the exact position of the fence. This can help you avoid disputes with neighbours that could otherwise arise.

Talk to a land surveyor to find out more.