A Guide On Building Inspection Services

If you intend to renovate, buy, or sell a piece of property, you certainly need building inspection services. Most people often forgo this service since it is not mandatory. As such, they hope to save costs. However, as you will learn in this article, a building inspection is a critical aspect of property transfer and renovation. It details how building inspections work and why you should consider the service. 

What is A Building Inspection? 

A building inspection is a physical inspection of a building. Usually, most people presume that anyone can conduct a building inspection. However, building inspections can only be performed by experienced inspectors. The inspectors understand the local building codes and can, therefore, tell if the contractor followed the required ordinances. Besides, the inspectors have in-depth knowledge about building defects and expertise in identifying hidden issues, such as pest infestations. 

What Does The Building Inspection Cover? 

A building inspection covers the following areas: 

  • The building's structural features such as the pillars, foundation, slabs, and footings.
  • Whether or not the building meets the construction standards. For example, it may have an illegal extension or roof.   
  • The building's safety issues. For example, is it susceptible to fire or flood damages? Does it have faulty wiring? Does the building have dangerous elements such as asbestos?
  • The building's energy efficiency. For instance, does it have glazed windows, insulation and a functional AC system?
  • The functionality of the drainage and plumbing systems.
  • The presence of pests such as rodents, termites, cockroaches and spiders on the property.
  • Roofing issues such as leakage, damaged shingles or poor quality roofs. 

The Benefits Of Building Inspection Services  

When conducting a home improvement project, the building inspection serves as a guide to your renovations. For example, you may want to change your roof only to later realise that the property has severe defects, such as a sinking foundation. Besides, the inspection can help promote safety as you renovate the property. For instance, you can avoid contact with toxic materials such as asbestos. 

For people who wish to transfer property, the building inspection plays an integral role in appraising the property and determining the terms of sale. For example, a buyer could negotiate for a lower price or ask the seller to renovate the property before the closing date. Besides, the inspection can help property buyers avoid legal action in the future. Typically, you could be prosecuted or forced to conduct expensive repairs if the building does not comply with the building code. 

Building inspections can benefit property renovators, sellers and buyers. Ensure that the inspector has a licence to inspect buildings in your state and the class of building that needs an inspection. Contact a local building inspection service near you to learn more.