Tips for Choosing Tiles in a Small Bathroom

You may not be able to create the impression of a mansion bathroom with your choice of tiling. But the right options can definitely make a bathroom seem larger and give the impression of extra space. On the other hand, installing the wrong tiles during a remodel can shrink a compact bathroom further. Here are some tips to help you avoid mistakes and create a luxury ambience.


One thing to pay attention to is the size of the tiles you choose. If you stick with medium to large tiles ranging from about 30 to 60 cm, you'll create a calming place without too many join lines. If you opt for square and rectangular shapes, the tiles will create simple patterns without overburdening visual clutter.


Colour is another vital aspect to focus on when choosing bathroom tiles. Neutral colours such as white, grey and cream create the illusion of more expansive walls and floors. If you choose natural stone, you'll also establish gorgeous textures and visual appeal in the area.


You might want to create a stylish look in your bathroom by laying patterned tiles. Rather than deny yourself altogether, if you want patterns, reserve them for selected spots, such as on a feature wall or splashback area. Drawing attention to the walls will automatically pull focus away from the flooring. And this can help to make a small floor area less noticeable. If you want to put patterned tiles on the floor, bear in mind that this may make the room seem smaller.

Unbroken Flow

If your eyes can wander over various surfaces in the room without an obvious visual break, you'll have the sense of bigger surface areas. Tiling can help you to do this. Install the same tiles, for example, from floor to ceiling. If you stick to the same tiles on the floor and the walls, the uninterrupted expanse will seem to continue for even longer.


Some tiles are glossy and mirror-like, while others are more matte. If you want to give the illusion of extra room, choose shiny tiles. These will allow light to bounce around the room from one surface to another. Overall, more light will create the illusion of more space. On the other hand, matte finishes can absorb light and have the opposite impact. Mirrors are the ultimate reflective surfaces, so large mirrors are a prime means of visually expanding a bathroom.

Reach out to a local contractor to get more tips on choosing bathroom tiles.