Green Aspects to Consider for Sustainable Commercial Building Design

Regardless of the scale of your commercial construction project, you need to ensure that you have hired the right professionals for the job. From your architect to your construction contractors, these industry experts will provide your project with specialised knowledge that will ensure that your property is not only safe but durable too. One aspect that some individuals forget is taking into consideration how their new property will impact the environment.

Overlooking this factor will not only have dire consequences for the planet but also your operational costs, employee comfort and more. Hence, it is advisable to try and make your new structure as sustainable as possible. But this does not have to be a herculean task. To help you with some ideas, here are some green aspects to consider for sustainable commercial building design.

Maximising natural light

Most commercial properties are characterised by floor-to-ceiling windows since these both allow filtering of sunlight while also increasing the aesthetic value of the property. However, this is not the only way that you can make the most of natural illumination in your new commercial building. An element that can be incorporated into your commercial building design is the elimination of unnecessary interior walls. Contrary to popular belief, an open-plan office does not have to comprise unending rows of desks.

Instead, consider the use of perforated metal sliding screens that can be used to provide privacy when needed. These screens also help with light filtration so that even when they are in place, the interior of your commercial space will still be bathed in sunlight. Consequently, you are less dependent on artificial lighting, and this will keep your energy costs low.

Constructing with green materials

Another characteristic of commercial buildings is the use of steel beams. And although these supplies do provide a high degree of stabilisation for the overall structure, they are not the eco-friendliest options in the market. A better solution would be to use out-of-the-box materials that are sustainable but will still provide your structure with the support that it needs. Recycled metal products are a leading example of this, as they utilise fewer resources than the manufacturing of fresh steel.

Additionally, concrete beams that have been reinforced by recycled aggregates can also support your structure while ensuring it remains environmentally friendly. Take note, the use of green supplies should not end with the stabilisation of the structure. Other green materials that you can employ for interior applications include bamboo, recycled plastics and more.

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