Mining Engineering: Four Central Tips for Minimising Equipment Wear

The accelerated wear of your mining equipment can cause significant delays in your operations due to the need for regular repairs. Moreover, the cost of restoring the machinery can be quite high, increasing the total project costs. If you would like to avoid inconvenience and minimise your expenses, you must be diligent in the upkeep of the equipment. Here are crucial tips for preventing the fast wear of your mining machinery.

Lubricate Components

The components of your mining equipment could be experiencing a lot of damage due to the stress of friction. Therefore, you should plan on lubricating the moving parts of your machinery on a regular basis. This will minimise the strain during operations and prevent equipment damage. When planning for lubrication, you should acquire the right product for the machinery. You can check on the recommended lubricant with your equipment supplier or mining engineer.

Plan for Cleaning

The build-up of dirt on your mining equipment can cause the efficiency of the unit to decline. Moreover, if the debris accumulates in critical components, the machinery might experience complete failure. Therefore, you must plan for cleaning of your equipment during the project. The right process for cleaning your equipment will depend on the specific type and brand. Therefore, check the owner's manual for proper housekeeping. You should be cautious when dealing with internal components or delicate elements. Moreover, avoid harsh cleaning agents which could cause structural wear.

Avoid Equipment Misuse

You should ensure that the mining equipment is utilised as recommended by the manufacturer. If there is misuse, the lifespan of the machinery could decline quickly. You can promote good function and avoid premature equipment failure by engaging qualified operators for your machinery. Inexperienced workers should not handle the units because accidental damage could occur. It is also advisable to make certain there is no overloading during operations. In addition, check all the performance specifications outlined for your machines and adhere to any other limits.

Conduct Repairs

Finally, you should conduct the required repairs on your mining equipment in a timely manner. It is important to avoid delaying restoration of the machinery because this could cause the damage to escalate. Consequently, the process of repair might be more complicated and expensive. You will achieve the best results by inspecting your equipment for signs of deterioration or damage. Regular assessments will ensure that underlying problems are not overlooked. The repairs must always be carried out by qualified technicians to promote optimal efficiency of the equipment. Learn more about equipment wear and mining engineering today.