Residential Remodelling: Three Fundamental Tips for Effective Land Surveying

If you are planning on conducting extensive remodelling on your residential property, you should consider commissioning land survey first. This process is of particular importance if you intend to add an extension to your house or build another structure close to the fence. Commencing the construction without a survey could lead to encroachment on the neighbouring properties. Consequently, legal complications might arise. Here are simple tips to keep in mind for effective land survey.

Determine Property Line

Defining the precise position of the boundary lines is the most important process during land surveying. This will help you determine the exact perimeter of your property. If you begin building and part of your structures end up on the neighbour's land, they might lodge a claim against you for encroachment. For instance, if they commission a survey, they might discover the mistake in the boundaries. This could lead to problems like the need for demolition of the remodelled structure. Once the boundary lines are defined, you should consider having a fence built along the identified property lines. This will serve as a physical marker and prevent accidental encroachment.

Retain the Report

You should plan on retaining the report provided by the land surveyor after the assessment of your property. This is crucial because the information provided will not only be useful in guiding you during the residential remodel. The documentation could help you address arising complications in relation to land ownership. For instance, it is possible that a dispute might arise between you and your neighbours in the future. This can be resolved by presenting the report, and it will eliminate the need for another costly survey. The documentation can also be a valuable tool when selling your residential property. You can provide proof of the boundary lines and the size of the lot, and this could attract more buyers.

Commission Searches

Legal property searches can be beneficial before a remodel. Therefore, it is advisable to inquire from your chosen land surveyor about the possibility of conducting this form assessment. This process will help you identify any new regulations related to your home. For instance, there might be new information which could limit the remodel, like a classification of a part of the property as a potential floodplain area. It is also worthwhile to check for the presence of easements. Easements allow other people to use your property for predetermined purposes. So, it can limit the remodelling possibilities.

If you have questions about any aspect of land surveying, consult a land surveyor to learn more.