Does your driveway need spray sealing?

When you first lay a new driveway, it will look great, but unless you have the surface of the driveway correctly sealed, the surface will quickly start to degenerate under regular use by vehicles, particularly if you drive trucks in and out of the driveway on a frequent basis. Driveway spray sealing is a vital part of driveway creation and maintenance that you cannot afford to overlook if you want your new driveway to last.

What is bitumen spray sealing?

Driveway spray sealing is achieved by having bitumen binder sprayed as a thin film over the surface of the road and then covering the binder with aggregate. Once completed, the binder will provide a solid waterproof layer that stops water from reaching the road surface. The aggregate is intended to protect the surface and stop it from being damaged by the traffic that will use the driveway. When combined together, these two components create a skid-resistant, long-lasting surface that will endure for years.

What type of driveway spray sealing is needed?

Your contractor will be able to suggest the most appropriate spray for your driveway. Most spray seals can be adapted to meet your specific requirements and depending on the amount of traffic your driveway is expected to face. If your driveway is expected to face particularly heavy traffic, it is even possible to have multiple spray applications to ensure that the seal does not quickly become damaged.

Restoring existing driveways

While you will certainly need to arrange for driveway spray sealing if you are laying a new driveway, you will also need to consider driveway spray sealing if you have an existing driveway that is starting to show signs of age. Your local contractor will be able to tell you whether respraying your driveway is likely to be a suitable way of restoring your driveway and improving its skid-resistance properties or whether more extensive repair work is needed. Being able to restore tired driveways by simply respraying them ensures that deterioration of the surface is slowed and driveway maintenance is kept to a minimum.

To find out more about driveway spray sealing and how it could stop your driveway deteriorating through water damage and becoming little more than a series of potholes, talk to your local spray sealing contractor. They will be able to explain exactly what is involved in the process and how easy it can be to protect your driveway.