Ways To Introduce Natural Stone Into Your Landscape

Your garden can provide hours of pleasure, a calming space in which you can lounge and wander. To add elegance and charm, why not incorporate natural stone into the design? Here are some ideas for you to consider.

Create A Pathway

One way to decorate your garden is with a stone path. Wind the walkway across the lawn or around the flowerbeds to provide a lovely place to wander. Pavers such as travertine pavers are available in peach, red, gold and beige among other hues, while bluestone comes in blue-greys, purples, browns and yellows. Various shapes can combine in herringbone, basketweave or brickwork patterns. For a whimsical, rustic path, scatter rivers rocks and pebbles in between stepping-stone pavers. 

Construct A Retaining Wall

Retaining walls can create different levels and layers in a garden. Build up raised garden beds and encircle them with a stone wall to create a beautiful focal point. Alternatively, create a cozy nook in which to read and relax. Place a table and chairs on a gravel surface filled with colourful, smooth river rocks and pebbles. Then enclose the space with a low wall. Another option is a gabion wall that consists of wire cages that you fill with rocks. The wire cages are available in different shapes and sizes, so you can combine and place the cages to form an endless array of wall designs.

Enclose Flowerbeds

To add texture and interest to your flowerbeds and lawns, border them with mini boulders. They'll help contain the soil and prevent runoff, and also provide an attractive contrast to soft, textured petals, tendrils and foliage. Once moss grows over the rocks, they'll look like they've been part of the landscape for many years. Pebbles and crushed stone also cover up drab soil within the garden bed with colourful shapes and surfaces. 

Create A Water Feature

A pond within a garden can look nondescript. Using rocks and boulders to create a focal point will integrate it within the landscape for a memorable design. Line the edges with small and medium-sized stones, and combine them with river rocks. Place several large boulders in a harmonious arrangement. Consider the shapes of the rock, which can be round and smooth or angular and edgy. A combination of complementary blues and tans will add colour and spark to the water feature. Place a wooden bench nearby so you can enjoy your handiwork and design it to include running water, which will evoke a calming and soothing feel.