Tips to Consider When Hiring Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes are expensive to buy, and since you may not be building or lifting materials frequently it is often more economical to hire. This is the main reason why hire companies exist. Here are some important tips you should consider when hiring mobile cranes:

What Are You Lifting?

You may come across many types of mobile cranes, each handling a particular weight. Determine the weight of the materials the crane is to lift and that way you will choose the right one.

How Is the Site Terrain?

The term mobile crane means that the crane can move. Inspect the site terrain so that you can choose a mobile crane that can handle the terrain on which you will be working. You might need a four-wheel drive with huge tyres and outriggers if the terrain is rough.

Do You Have a Qualified and Competent Operator?

As stated earlier, mobile cranes are expensive pieces of equipment and they have to be operated by a qualified and competent operator. Any mobile crane operator has to have undergone a mobile crane operation course, safety course and training. Upon successful completion, the operator is presented with certificates and licenses, which indicate he or she can operate a mobile crane.

You need to have such an operator when hiring a mobile crane. Furthermore, you may be required to present him or her to the mobile crane hire company. If you do not have a competent operator, one can be provided for you at a cost. You, however, have to weigh various factors; for example, if an operator is provided, you will have to spend some time to bring him or her up to speed with the project details and what is expected.

Crane Inspection

Don't just take the word of the mobile crane hire company that the crane is in top condition. It is essential to have an individual who is knowledgeable about mobile cranes when you visit the mobile crane hire company. Let him or her inspect the mobile crane.

Always Read and Understand the Terms of the Hire Agreement

You will be required to sign an agreement when hiring a mobile crane. Read and understand each clause; if you have questions, ask for an explanation or clarification. It is important to avoid incurring high costs/fines later on when you fall victim to a breach of contract or agreement. You should also ask whether the mobile crane is insured and find out what the insurance covers.  

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