Moving into an Older Home? Be Wary of These Typical Plumbing Issues

Buying an older house rather than building a custom home does have its own advantages. First, this opens up an opportunity for you to remodel the property to your liking. Secondly, you get the chance to preserve the architecture from decades or centuries past, depending on the age of the building. However, older homes also present a unique set of drawbacks. And one of the biggest issues that you may have to face is problematic plumbing. If you are moving into an older home, here are some plumbing issues that you should be wary of and have addressed immediately.

Degraded sewer lines

One of the first inspections that you should have carried out is of the condition of the sewer lines. Sewer lines will deteriorate over time due to a couple of reasons. For starters, the sewage passing through them can erode the inner lining of the pipes. Additionally, exposure to the elements can also compromise the condition of the sewer lines. Not to mention the possibility of root intrusion if the property has trees. Before you move into the property, it is imperative to have your plumber come in to carry out a sewer inspection that will determine if it the sewer lines are clogged or have developed cracks and require immediate replacement.

Inefficient fixtures

Another issue that you should be careful of with the old plumbing system is the state of the fixtures. As the fixtures get older, they are bound to acquire damage. And if this damage is not repaired, you could be at risk of incessant leaking in your home, which inevitably will translate into exorbitant water bills at the end of every month. When you take into consideration the rising cost of water, you will quickly realise that this is a finite resource that should not be wasted. Before you move into the house, have your plumber inspect the showerheads, taps, toilets and all other hardware that makes up the plumbing system. If there are signs of low water pressure, loose fixtures or dirty water, your plumbing system needs upkeep before you move in.

Outdated or shoddy repairs

A mistake some people unknowingly make is assuming that since they have seen signs of repair in the old plumbing then they need not bother with it. The thing about plumbing repairs in older homes is that the technique that was employed is likely outdated now. Moreover, since you cannot vouch for the repair work that has been done, you can never know if it was up to par or shoddy! Have a plumber examine any work that has been done on the plumbing and determine if they need to update the repairs.