How Wardrobe Lifts Maximise Space in Tall Built-In Wardrobes

Built-in wardrobes are supposed to help you maximise as much available space as you have in a room for the units. However, the height of your wardrobes can affect how you access things in them. Adding accessories like wardrobe lifts can help. How?

Access the Inaccessible

In an ideal world, your built-in wardrobes contain all your stuff and make it easily accessible; however, if you have a taller space to work with, then the height of the wardrobe may make this more difficult. For example, if you can't reach inside the top of the wardrobe, then you can't easily access clothes in that area. If you install a wardrobe lift, however, then you open up this space.

Wardrobe lifts are rails that can hold hanging clothes. They're usually installed towards the top of wardrobes in areas that would normally be out of reach. To use or access the rail, you pull it down until it's at a comfortable height. When you're done with the rail, you push it back up into position. This makes it far easier to get to clothes at the very top of the wardrobe. You can see what's on the rail easily, and you don't have to climb on anything to get to it.

Organise Your Wardrobe More Effectively

If you end up with very tall built-in wardrobes, then you may not even use the space at the top of the units at all, or you may not use it as effectively as you'd like.

If you can't reach the very top of a wardrobe without using a chair or small stepladder, then you're more likely to fill this area with things you don't need to use that often. This may even end up being a storage area for things you wouldn't normally keep in the wardrobe at all. While this gives you somewhere to store these things, it also reduces the space you have available for key wardrobe items like clothes and shoes. You may end up having to cram things together further down in the wardrobe to fit everything in. You may not be able to keep all your clothes in the wardrobe at all.

A wardrobe lift makes it possible to use higher areas for clothes storage. Your clothes are kept neatly out of the way until you need them, and you have more useable space in the rest of the unit.

To find out more about built-in wardrobes and their accessories, talk to your wardrobe designer or contractor.