What’s the Significance of a Stormwater Drainage System on Your Property?

When building a house, there are the areas and that every homeowner pays attention to and makes sure that they are properly designed. These include the structure and landscaping. Not many people put much thought into the stormwater drainage system of the property. As long as the property is sloped, water will flow away from the home without much difficulty. However, this isn't always the case. Many have suffered the effects of lacking a functional and well-designed drainage system in their property. This piece will look into the reasons why you should pay attention to the design and construction of your stormwater drainage system when building a home.

Protect your foundation

One of the primary causes of foundation failure in most homes is moisture. When there are no defined channels to direct rainwater away from the home, it seeps into the soil around your foundation and affects its stability. The disruption in the soil leads to foundation cracking or settling which ultimately affects the entire structure. In severe cases, the floor, walls, and ceilings start to develop cracks and the house begins to slant to one side. The cost of repairing the foundation and restoring the structure's stability can add up to thousands of dollars.

A well-designed stormwater drainage system directs water away from the home and the foundation. It prevents water from disrupting the soil that's holding the foundation in place. This can save you thousands that would otherwise be used in foundation repairs in the future.

Prevent flooding

Not all properties are built on sloping land. If there are no channels for stormwater to drain away from your property, it will start to flood on your property. Flooding can cause a lot of damage to your property and landscaping. It will kill flowers in your garden and cause small plants to wither. If you have a septic tank, flooding can cause it to overflow, and this will lead to sewage backup in your plumbing drains, basement, and garden.

You can prevent such catastrophes by having a stormwater drainage system. The drains collect all the stormwater and direct it away from your property to protect your landscaping, outdoor structures, and septic system.

Collect water for domestic use

Did you know that your stormwater drainage system can help you collect water for domestic use? Stormwater drainage systems can be designed with an underground reservoir that collects, filters, and stores water. This water can be used for various applications in your house, farm, or garden. If filtered and treated properly, the water can even be used for human consumption.

Work with an experienced contractor who can help you design a functional stormwater drainage system on your property.