3 Things to be Prepared for During a Foundation Underpinning Project

Foundation underpinning services is a technique that aims at stabilising foundations due to soil erosions, foundation settling or moving, or vibration damage. The project increases the foundation's strength and load and protects the house from losing structural stability. This kind of project is entirely an involving one, and as a homeowner, it is important to brace yourself for it. A lot of construction work will take place in your home, and this article will look into some of the things that you should be ready for to avoid inconveniences during the project.

The project is involving

As aforementioned, a lot of work will go into strengthening your home's foundation to prevent future calamity.  But when a contractor talks about it, you may view it as a simple project that will probably take one week tops. However, there will be a lot of excavating and digging, concrete removal, waterproofing, and other tasks meant to extend the height of the basement and increase the load of the foundation. Depending on the complexity of the problem that caused the stability issues and the size of your home, an underpinning project can take up to five weeks or more. So be ready to have workers and heavy equipment on your property for at least a month.

Prepare for a high electrical bill

The little things tend to slip down the cracks when undertaking home projects. One of such things is the electrical bill, and it is easy for you to be caught off-guard when the utility company bills you three or more times more than what you consume. However, this should not come as a shock. Foundation underpinning requires the use of equipment such as drills, jackhammers, power tools, and conveyor belts running all day for the period of the project. These will spike your power bill, and you should be prepared for it.

Think about the new basement design

During a foundation underpinning project, your basement will be torn apart. So once the work is done, your basement will have new flooring and walls. If you would like a new design, this would be the time to make it known. For example, you may be thinking about installing a kitchen, living room, toilet, or other room in the basement. Let the contractor know at the beginning of the project so that they can install plumbing and other fixtures with these in mind. You may also have to engage an engineer or architect so that they can create new basement plans.

Knowing these issues about a foundation underpinning project will help you make important decisions about your home. Work with a professional contractor so that they can help stabilise your house and recreate your new basement.