Accessories to Help Construction Site Managers Realise Portaloo Benefits

As a construction site manager, keeping workers' productivity high and maintaining it at that level is of absolute importance, especially if you are going to meet project timeframes. Portaloos play a significant role in achieving such an objective. The advantages of having a portable toilet at a construction site cannot be overstated. From ensuring site safety and sanitation to abiding by council laws, portaloos are a must-have for any construction project. However, to realise the full benefits, portaloos require supportive additives. While such accessories might be considered of secondary importance, they are significant to the realisation of portaloos benefits. This post highlights supportive services that construction site managers must look into as they plan to hire portable toilets.

Footpath Crossing -- When it rains, construction sites get very muddy, which is not good news for portable toilets. Therefore, installing footpath crossings is the only practical way to keep the toilets clean irrespective of weather conditions. As you shortlist potential portaloo providers, find out which firms install footpath crossings as an add-on. While it is possible to have site workers install footpaths, leaving the work to a specialised provider will let you concentrate on your core business. Additionally, footpath crossings are best installed once the toilets are in position; therefore, it makes sense to let a portaloo rental firm fix the paths.

Temporary Fencing -- Since most construction sites are usually open, construction project managers must be open to the possibility that people who are not part of the construction crew might use the toilets. When that happens, the toilets tend to fill pretty fast, thereby forcing you to empty them more often. For instance, if your crew doesn't work on Sundays, the portaloos might be used by passersby, especially if they do not have locks. Erecting a temporary fence around the toilets will help prevent outside use. Ask hiring firms if they do temporary fencing on their toilets.

Portaloo Base -- For the most part, portaloos are designed in such a way that their bases offer the necessary grip to keep the facility stable. However, such stability must be able to withstand all weather conditions. For example, in rainy conditions, the ground on a construction site will get muddy and slippery, thereby compromising the stability of a toilet. By placing the restroom on a wooden base, for example, you will be assured that the portaloos will stay put no matter the weather. Make sure that you find a portaloo hire company that provides bases for their builder's toilets.