Commercial Locks: Three Crucial Guidelines on Prolonging Your Lock’s Service Life

The right locking mechanism is essential for your commercial space. In general, your selected lock will determine the security of your business building. If the product is not strong, your company will be vulnerable to burglars, robbers and other unauthorised persons. Therefore, you must secure your doors to ensure that your assets remain secure from thieves, spies and vandals. Under ideal circumstances, your locks should be strong, resilient and resistant to damage for optimal security and performance. Unfortunately, these types of high-quality commercial locks are expensive, and they can make a significant dent into a business's capital. If you are concerned about the cost of constantly replacing locks, you should consider using the below guidelines to ensure a prolonged service life after installation.

Inspect the Commercial Door

Commercial locks are prone to damage if they are used on doors which are poorly installed. In simple terms, you should check your door on a regular basis to ensure that the door is not hanging incorrectly. If the door is leaning from the hinges due to improper placement, most of the weight will have to be supported by the lock. This stress will cause accelerated wear of the lock, necessitating an expensive replacement. Also, a poorly placed door will cause difficulties with closing the door smoothly. If you notice these problems in your commercial door, you should consider reinstallation.

Clean the Door Keys

You should avoid opening and closing your commercial locks with a dirty key. Numerous people overlook this problem because it does not seem to have an immediate effect on operation. Unfortunately, the long-term consequences are quite significant. Simply speaking, a dirty key will force grime and debris into the internal mechanism of the locks. After some time, the material will build up, and the intricate internal components will become jammed. The damage could be permanent. If you would like to prolong the life of your locks, you must clean your keys regularly and store them correctly.

Clean the Locks

If your lock is showing signs of jamming due to years of neglect, you should consider cleaning and lubricating the locks. This will restore the optimal performance of the elements, and the regular practice can extend the lifespan of the installed products. Ideally, you can use compressed air devices to clear out the keyhole. However, for the best results, you should engage a commercial locksmith to open the cover plates in all your locks for thorough cleaning, inspection and lubrication.