Three Critical Factors Influencing the Cost of Tree Removal

There are multiple benefits of having a tree as part of the residential landscape. The plant will enhance and complement the appeal of the home, and it will contribute to the health of the surrounding environment. However, time might come when felling the tree will become necessary due to disease, damage or rotting. In general, this type of project will necessitate professional removal. Therefore, if you are planning for this tree management, you should understand the cost implications for effective budgeting. Here are the factors which will affect the total expenses for cutting down your tree.

Tree Size

The size of the tree to be cut will determine the base price charged for removal. Therefore, you should provide clear information on your plant if you want to receive an accurate estimate from your tree service. Typically, if the tree is tall, the professionals will have to acquire special equipment for working at height. The process will take longer because the structure must be removed systematically to minimise hazards. Also, the diameter of the tree trunk is taken into account in the pricing. Thick trunks are difficult to grind, so the process of cutting will take long and necessitate speciality grinders. In some cases, you might have to pay more for a short, thick tree than a tall but slim one.

Condition and Location

The removal expert will evaluate the condition of the tree because this plays a role in the ease of cutting. In simple terms, if your tree is rotting, diseased or weak, it will be easy to bring down with relatively low effort. On the other hand, a strong and healthy tree will be difficult to cut. So, the charges will be higher. When hiring a removal specialist, you should consider negotiating a better price by explaining the condition of your tree. It is also crucial to note that the location of the plant is essential in pricing. If your tree is close to a building or power lines, specialised equipment and techniques might be required to minimise hazards.

Additional Services

You should note that the quoted price for cutting down the tree does not often include additional processes which are necessary after felling. Therefore, you should account for the disposal of the wood produced by cutting down the plant. For example, you might have to pay for chipping or log splitting. Also, stump removal is not typically included in the initial price. Therefore, you should discuss your stump management options with the tree service company.