Five Ideas for Landscaping and Planting Around Your Carport

If you want to decorate the area around your carport, you may be wondering which ideas will work the best. There are a variety of landscaping designs and plants that can work beautifully around a carport. Consider these tips when creating your design.

1. Use vine plants to create privacy and shade.

You can train vine plants such as blue bell creepers, jasmines, or mandevilla vines to grow around the edges of your carport. Plant the sprouts below where you want the vines to climb around the perimeter of the carport. Then, place thin dowels or lattices between the ground and the roof of the carport.

The vines will eventually grow up and around the dowels or lattices. That creates a privacy screen around your carport, which can give your car a bit of shade. If you choose a flowering vine, you can enjoy a nice spot of colour in the spring or summer.

2. Consider air purifying plants.

If you want plants that will purify the air, you may want to devil's ivy, chinese evergreens, or spider plants. In addition to being decorative, these plants can help remove some of the toxins related to car fumes near your carport.

3. Play with container gardening for a fun effect.

Whether you park your car in the carport or use the area as a shaded outdoor living space, you may want to consider a container garden that plays with the car or garage theme. Choose plants that grow easily in pots — the final selection is up to you and can range from hardy ferns to colourful annuals. For the pots, choose objects that you might find in a garage such as metal rubbish bins, old paint cans, painted used tyres, or anything you think looks fun. This creates an intriguing, eclectic colourful landscape design that brings beauty to your carport.

4. Look into potted trees.

If you don't want to risk tree branches falling onto your carport but you like the idea of trees, you may want to consider potted trees. Small fruit trees create a fun and tasty effect, but you can explore other options as well. You can move these trees around as needed to lend variety to your area.

5. Use pavers to link the carport to other areas.

To link the carport to other areas of your exterior or to your home, consider using pavers. If you like, you can put plantings between or around the pavers. That adds beauty to the carport and helps create a continuous look between the carport and the rest of your landscaping.