Window Tinting | 3 Clever Tactics When Introducing Your Windows To Professionally Installed Tint Films

Window tinting is a smart option when you're looking to reduce the levels of sunlight that enter your home. This is especially true if you have east or west facing windows and don't want to deal with the morning or afternoon sun's UV rays. Window tinting is also a great way to enhance your privacy without costing you a fortune. Tint films start from approximately $40 per square metre. Here are some clever tactics when introducing your windows to professionally installed tint films.

Clean Your Windows To Ensure The Film Adheres Better To The Glass Frame

Windows should be cleaned thoroughly to ensure that the tint film adheres better to the glass frame. You can undertake this cleaning task on your own if you want to save some hourly labour fees or you can leave the job to the professionals for the best finish. Most professionals will take minutes to do a thorough window cleaning job, while you might take hours without much experience –– maybe not hours, but certainly a lot longer than a few minutes. Window cleaning typically involves soap water, sponges, squeegees and cloths. Soap water is applied to the glass and rubbed with a sponge, while a squeegee and cloth are used to dry it. The window must have no residue after cleaning.

Protect Your Glass With Tint Film

Windows are always at risk of breaking, whether it is because of strong winds or the neighbourhood kids practicing football outside your house. Flying glass shards could be dangerous and will make your home vulnerable to outside threats. Window tinting films provide an added layer of protection to ensure that your glass doesn't fly around the home if it breaks. Some safety tint films are available in thicker proportions and are best suited to windows when you're concerned about breakage.

Hire The Window Tinting Professionals On A Dry Day

Windows need to be dry for better tint film adherence, while the film itself needs enough time to dry for a complete job. A cold or cloudy day isn't ideal and will end up lengthening the drying time. Instead, hire window tinting professionals on a warm and dry day for the best tint film curing results. The quicker window tint film adheres to the glass, the less opportunity there will be for wedged moisture to cause murkiness and bubbles between the film and glass. Keep in mind that thicker tint films need more time to dry than standard films.

Window tinting films provide protection from the sun and from breakage. These clever tactics will help you when you're planning to introduce your windows to professionally installed tint films.