Top Benefits of Horizontal Directional Drilling for Your Underground Pipework Installations

Drilling boreholes or installing water supplies in your home and even commercial premises usually involves installing underground pipework to ensure the water you need is efficiently delivered from its source. Horizontal directional drilling involves installing the pipework without trenching. This trenchless form of drilling is superior than the traditional method of drilling. Here are some of the ways that make it a more efficient drilling method to use.

Time Savings

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of the trenchless horizontal directional drilling is that it allows for faster installation. The traditional open-cut drilling method would involve digging down the ground and then across it. Drilling horizontally, on the other hand, eliminates the need to dig across a certain expanse of soil, and this enables the quicker installation of your underground pipework.

Cost Effectiveness

Horizontal directional drilling is more economical than traditional methods of drilling. First, the time-saving advantage means you will have relatively shorter project times, and this can help you save a few dollars. In addition, horizontal directional drilling requires fewer operators than traditional methods. This simply means your labour costs will be much cheaper.

Horizontal directional drilling ensures there's less disruption to the surrounding areas because the working is only confined to the entry and exit points, and this actually has a great impact on the total cost of your project. Minimal impact to the surrounding areas lessens the constraints that are typical of vertical drilling projects. For instance, reduced impact on the surrounding surface areas minimises restorations costs for things such as damaged infrastructure or roads. Trench settlement can be costly, and since horizontal directional drilling is a trenchless method, you don't have to worry about such costs. Last, less disruption means less waste produced so with horizontal directional drilling, your waste disposal costs will be much less.

Installation Flexibility

Horizontal directional drilling gives you maximum flexibility in terms of where to install your underground pipework. That is, this method of drilling will allow for the installation of underground plumbing work where obstacles are a major concern. This means it would be easier to install your underground pipework in locations that would otherwise be virtually impossible or even too costly. For instance, running your sewer lines, water pipes, and other similar utilities under rivers, roads, or driveways would be more challenging or sometimes not even permitted by your local authorities if the traditional drilling methods are to be used. Horizontal directional drilling makes it possible to install around such obstacles.