5 Safety Tips to Remember When Buying and Using Mine Explosives

If you're buying mine explosives from an explosives supplier, you need to keep safety in mind. Ideally, you should have your own safety measures in place, but you also want to choose a supplier committed to safety. Here are some tips to consider.

1. Consult With the Supplier or an Explosives Expert

Before choosing your explosives, you need to make sure that they work for the land in your area. In some cases, you may be fine with a simple combination of ammonia nitrate and fuel oil or even old fashioned dynamite, but in other cases, you may need a special bulk emulsion made with your challenges in mind. Using the correct explosives helps reduce accidents and surprises, and that's essential if you want to avoid injuries.

2. Stand Back

This may sound like arbitrary safety advice, but the number one cause of injury in mines for decades has been miners struck by rock. Before applying explosives, estimate how much rock is likely to fly and how far it's likely to fly. Then, add a healthy margin to that and make sure everyone in your team is well behind the line of safety.

3. Empty the Mines

In other cases, miners have gotten hurt due to toxins being released into the mine from the explosives. To help protect against this risk, always get the miners out of the mines before releasing any explosives. Even when you are releasing explosives in another section far from where the workers are working, toxic gases may travel from area to area. In addition, if something goes sour with the blast, there's always a risk that rocks may be dislodged in the wrong area, potentially locking the miners in the mine.

4. Use the Correct Recipes

In the past, explosive suppliers often delivered explosives to the mines ready to use. If you still follow that tradition, you don't need to worry about this safety tip. However, if you are one of the many mining managers who orders bulk explosives to mix on site, you need to take extra caution that you mix the recipes correctly. To help, some suppliers offer equipment that you can use to mix bulk explosives on site, and that can help you avoid common errors. 

5. Remember Training

Finally, when it comes to blasting safety, a well trained crew is essential. If you change direction with your explosives, remember to get your employees retrained so that they have up-to-date safety rules.   

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